In the News

Plenty of Trash Talk in Rockville's Mayoral Race (Washington Post, 10/4/07)

"Rockville voters will choose a new mayor and at least one new council member Nov. 6, the same day voters in Gaithersburg will elect three new council members for its four-person body. All the elections are nonpartisan."

Mayoral Candidates Clash Over Growth (Gazette, 10/3/07)

"Powell offered himself as a slower growth candidate, saying the city cannot afford to build another Town Square.  Rockville cannot go green by increasing density levels and paying for more development subsidies like Town Square."

Citizen Group Paints Picture of Hoffmann as Pro-Development (Gazette, 9/5/07)

"The first in a series of reports on city candidates with established campaign receipts, Real Rockville’s Hoffmann study promises to be the most controversial because it supports a key campaign argument made by Drew Powell, one of two candidates battling Hoffmann in the November mayoral election."

Rockville Candidates for Mayor: Voters Face a Real Choice (Rockville Central, 8/16/07)

"Drew sees many important issues facing whoever is the new mayor. Chief among them, he says, is zoning and development... Beyond overdevelopment, but connected to it, Drew thinks city spending is an issue. He points out that one third of every city tax dollar is being spent on Town Square and asks how we can really afford that."

Drew Powell: Forget the Brakes, Look for Balance in Growth (Just Up The Pike, 7/31/07)

"I can't say this strongly enough," he says. "I do not have anything against developers," Powell insists. "My issue is with the elected officials who choose to take more than half their contributions from one industry. In this case, our industry is development."
"We have bridges and roads that are crumbling," Powell says. "There's infrastructure that needs to be replaced . . . taxpayers pay for all this crumbling infrastructure. In addition to those costs, we don't need to subsidize infrastructure for new construction."

Powell Searches for Redemption (Just Up The Pike, 7/18/07)

"Drew Powell - soon-to-be-former Neighbor for a Better Montgomery - cuts an imposing figure across the low-rise Rockville landscape. It's not just the fact he's pretty tall (as tall as I am) or has become an outspoken critic of the Way Things Are Done in Montgomery County - it's the fact he and I went searching the bowels of Rockville Town Square last Friday to make an apology."


Editorial by Drew: Rockville Should Support Volunteer Firefighters (Gazette, 6/27/07)

"In addition to other public safety measures, such as better street lighting in crossing areas, more sidewalks, traffic calming infrastructure and much needed pedestrian⁄bicycle bridges, using speed camera revenues to help the Rockville Volunteer Fire Department offset its public safety expenditures is the right thing to do and will have no impact on Rockville taxpayers."

Drew Powel Declares Candidacy for Rockville Mayor (Town Courier, June 2007)

"Drew Powell, a telecommunications consultant and the executive director of the volunteer watchdog group Neighbors for a Better Montgomery, has announced his candidacy for Rockville mayor."

Powell Tosses Hat in the Ring (The Sentinel, 5/17/2007)

"Citizen activist Drew Powell announced his candidacy for Mayor of Rockville Monday afternoon..."

Bid for Rockville Mayor (Washington Post, 5/16/07)

"Drew Powell, a telecommunications consultant and long-time civic activist, announced Monday his bid for mayor of Rockville, billing himself as the candidate who will cut taxes, rein in 'runaway development' and reduce city spending."

Mayoral Race Picks Up Steam: Drew Powell Enters the Fray for Rockville’s Top Seat (Gazette, 5/16/07)

"Drew Powell, a telecommunications consultant and director of a government watchdog group, announced his candidacy to replace departing Mayor Larry Giammo."

Powell Announces Candidacy for Rockville Mayor (Examiner, 5/15/07)

"In front of a crowd of county government members and Rockville citizens, Drew Powell announced his candidacy, in the process pledging to not accept any money from developers."