Manage Growth:

Unmanaged overdevelopment worsens traffic congestion, increases school overcrowding, damages our environment, reduces public safety, and increases City spending and taxes.  For Rockville's redevelopment to move forward, the infrastructure to support it must be planned and budgeted.  Development should increase our quality of life rather than diminish it.


Increase Public Safety:

The safety, lives, and wellbeing of Rockville's citizens is paramount to the City's responsibility in its role as your locally elected government.  We must be proactive about safeguarding the lives of our children, seniors, and all citizens.

Protect Our Environment:

Overdevelopment does not facilitate a reduction in Rockville's carbon footprint.  The City of Rockville currently has a deficit of 5,000 trees below what should have been planted.  We must commit to preserving our tree canopy and green spaces.  What better way can local government protect our environment than by managing growth?


Preserve Rockville's Hometown Character:

Rockville, as a City of Neighborhoods, must protect our communities and neighborhoods.  This is why we have all chosen to live in Rockville.  It's a place to raise our families.  Preserving Rockville's hometown character by preserving neighborhoods is essential to managing the quality of life we've all come to value.  Let's not come to appreciate what we have now by losing it forever.


Reduce Spending and Taxes:

How can the quality of life for Rockville's taxpayers be protected when our pocket books are not protected?  Taxes have nearly doubled in the last five years.  Taxpayer subsidies of development are at unprecedented levels.  City spending on "outsourced" consultants, including legal fees, is a major percentage of the City's budget.  We must rein in spending and learn to live within our means.